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Welcome to join Shenzhen Dongyingxunda Electronics Co., Ltd. We will cultivate enterprise talents based on the concept of "inspiring people with common goals, respecting people with mutual trust, cultivating people with an open platform, and shaping people with a positive culture"!

We implement the talent elimination system of "everyone is a talent, horse racing does not match horse racing", advocate the humanistic management concept of "people-oriented", regard talent as the company's most valuable wealth, and achieve the goal of achieving common profits and development for both enterprises and employees. The company will also adhere to the culture of filial piety as the guiding line of corporate culture, continuously promote the construction of corporate culture, build common core values of the company, and strive to create a harmonious and friendly work atmosphere and a development platform for employees to show themselves.

Currently, the company is moving towards a highly competitive and respected evergreen enterprise, gathering global scientific and technological resources, and becoming a world-class industrial automation peripheral accessories and overall solution benchmarking enterprise!

We welcome people of insight from the community to join us and look forward to conducting various forms of cooperation with successful people from all walks of life!

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