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Shenzhen Dongyingxunda Electronics Co., Ltd. which the predecessor was established in 1995 and  lasts for 21 years. It realizes the leap and development from the Mould Automation to Science and Technology Electrical Automation.

Shenzhen Dongyingxunda Electronics Co., Ltd. is relying on the scientific innovation as the concept, advanced electronic equipment as the center, leading automation technology as the guide and assists the customers with rich automation products comprehensive application solutions. And then it can save the manpower cost for the customer and improve the overall efficiency and productivity. The company uses the rich automation resources and experience which is accumulated in the industry for many years to strengthen its own innovation and breakthrough. Now, Shenzhen Dongyingxunda Electronics Co., Ltd. has been accumulated rich experience in the field of automation products and has provided many customers a comprehensive supply of hardware equipment, software development, project integration, value-added services and so on about technical innovation and the overall application solutions.

Shenzhen Dongyingxunda Electronics Co., Ltd. upholds the group "Service, Speed, Effectiveness.

Development and Win-Win" values and devotes itself to four big industry Chinese electronics, logistics, solar energy, automobile and provides high quality technical innovation and product service. The Company has the rapid response ability to respond to the customer demand and can provide customers with strong technical support. It keeps continuous innovation at the same time, fast and accurate to grasp the market dynamics to provide the highest cost-effective comprehensive solutions of the automation products applications for the customers.

Enterprise Strategy

Integration, Innovation, Breakthrough

Corporate Vision

Gathering global technological resources, becoming a benchmark enterprise for industrial automation peripheral accessories and overall solution solutions!

Sense of worth

Service, speed, efficiency, development, and win-win situation

Service Area

Precision electronic automation, automotive process automation, non-standard testing automation, robot expansion integration automation, precision machining automation, logistics automation, new energy automation

Development history

Enterprise Chronicles

Enterprise positioning

Strategic OEM&ODM collaboration focused on intelligent equipment enterprises

Corporate objectives

Continue to assist incremental leading intelligent equipment enterprises in ensuring high-quality delivery

Customer Development

During 2011-2014, at the invitation of the Sino German Industrial Park, the company officially settled in Zhengzhou and established a Zhengzhou office. In the same year, it undertook batch upgrading and transformation projects for local customers

Kunshan Office was established in 2011

In 2014, the Kunshan production base was put into operation, and Dongying Xunda has successively become a leading enterprise in the industries of Foxconn, Huawei, Ophiko, Lansi Technology, Bain Optics, Raytheon Acoustics, and integrated technology cooperation supplier

2016 Invested in the acquisition of the R&D team of Marquart Engineering GmbH, Germany

2017 First Ultra High Speed Cutting Integrated Machining Center Completed Prototype Test

Starting from July 2018, sample testing

In 2020, Jiedong Park was put into construction, with a workshop area of about 35000 square meters

In April 2017, a high-precision 3D sensor technology research and development team was jointly established with the Austrian National Research Institute and the German 3D Scan technology research and development team

In March 2018, MESSUNG blue light 3D sensor completed technical parameter validation and put into production

In June 2018, MESSUNG phase shifting surface 3D completed performance testing and small-scale production

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